A lovely little lunch

The moment both kids were in bed, I ran to the kitchen to sit down with my small plate of food like I was reuniting with a best friend. It was so nice to sit. But then I had to pee.

I wondered: Should I feel bad for wanting to be alone with my food, no one to snatch my grilled cheese and beg for chips?  

Picking up soggy toilet paper from the toilet bowl to flush reasonable amounts at a time, I told myself kindly, “No. It’s way OK to savor the moments of quiet. You can bring out all the chips and chocolate you want…after you wash your hands.”

My two year old is potty-training. My 9 month old is almost 10 months old, and my husband is home with a broken ankle. Oh, and I’m preggo. So without any more delays, I hurried back to the kitchen, pulled my 3-hour-old coffee from the microwave, and sat down again to this lovely looking lunch.


I’m not really one to pray at mealtimes, but I did find myself thinking/praying, Thank God for kids who sleep. This is so good. 

The End. For now.